Staffordshire CC Conservative Manifesto May 2017

 For A Better Future Together

Our Plan for Staffordshire

“Over the past eight years Staffordshire Conservatives have worked hard to lead significant change in the most challenging circumstances. The need to reduce the national debt has driven the most dramatic public sector changes in post-war Britain. In Staffordshire we have led the way with a programme of change, fresh thinking and innovation to create what is now a nationally recognised ‘well-run council’. We believe that smaller, smarter local government can deliver affordable and strong public services without the burden of costly, out-of-date bureaucracy and waste.

In the long-term interest of Staffordshire residents, we have carefully and thoughtfully made the difficult decisions to reshape services and to ensure that spending priorities meet community and citizen needs.

At the same time, whilst facing major funding issues we have maintained one of the lowest council tax rates among English county councils. This offers Staffordshire residents greater value while meeting your most important demands for essential services.

And through a deliberate focus on improving the Staffordshire economy we now have real and sustained opportunities for people to enjoy a good quality of life in safe and strong communities with low unemployment and higher income opportunities. Staffordshire is now one of the strongest economic regions in the UK, attracting new investment and boosting employment.

Staffordshire is now better placed in 2017 to take advantage of the inevitable changes and opportunities that Brexit and new global trading opportunities may bring. The County is now poised – strong and ready to take full advantage of these new opportunities.

Staffordshire Conservatives have a clear vision of an even brighter future – one where everyone has the opportunity to prosper, to be healthy and enjoy life to the full.

But we don’t want to leave anyone behind. We want to continue to see more people than ever in work with better paid jobs leading to an ever-improving quality of life for local people through major investment programmes securing future growth and new better jobs. Along with substantial changes to how the council operates, we will continue to deliver better outcomes for Staffordshire people, while managing the ongoing financial pressures we all face.

We want to see every child in Staffordshire attending a good or outstanding school, providing the opportunity to gain skills needed to land a high-quality job and every family encouraged to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

We want to see Staffordshire’s residents able to enjoy extended healthy years of life, in line with the improvements that medical science is making in life expectancy. We can only achieve this through partnership working across health, local authorities, the voluntary sector and the public at large.

Staffordshire has made great progress in the last eight years, but there is even more a Conservative county council can do to support residents aspire to and achieve, balancing a growing demand for care and support for vulnerable children and our frail elderly and those with a disability, alongside good transport links and building new schools.

Staffordshire Conservatives believe the only way to achieve this is by community responsibility, working with public and private sector partners and our local communities, sharing and supporting each other to live fulfilling lives, with maximum independence and personal choice. Only then can we ensure that Staffordshire continues to have affordable, relevant and sensible public services in the future.

We all want to see a prosperous Staffordshire with a thriving economy creating wealth for all which enables us to all pay the taxes that we need for public services and those who really need our help.

Only Staffordshire Conservatives will help secure Staffordshire’s people’s brighter future together.

Vote Conservative on the 4th May, 2017

Philip Atkins

Conservative Group Leader – Staffordshire County Council

Printed and published on behalf of Staffordshire Conservatives by Philip Atkins of Staffordshire Area Conservatives, Castle Street, Stafford, ST16 2ED


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